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About 69 Sustainable

69 Sustainable is a recovery and recycling social enterprise birthed in 2018 with a mission to reduce waste and increase the reusability of waste materials through recycling.

The Problem

Waste management is one of the most pressing environmental issues faced by rural and urban areas in Nigeria. Research indicates that only 20-30% of the wastes generated annually are collected. According to the World Bank 2012 report on Urban development, Nigeria generates about 43.2 million tonnes of waste annually. Considering its growing population by 2025, the country will be generating approximately 72.46 million tonnes annually at a projected rate of 0.85 kg of waste/capital/day. The urgent need for proper collection and recycling of waste is the reason why we developed a seamless waste value chain approach.

Our Solution

Our solution is the circular model of waste management that gives incentives to individuals, households, and other co-operate organizations through proper disposal of collectible waste.  A waste bin with different compartments for each category of waste is provided. We pick up waste material from various places and transport it to our hub for proper sorting. As we collect these recyclable wastes, they are given point(s) depending on the volume of the waste after which the earned points can be exchanged for valuable goods/commodities such as food, airtime, and household items weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Due to the need for environmental sustainability, 69 sustainable offers a low-cost and eco-friendly approach to creating a waste value chain system to safe the planet.


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Together we can make a difference

69 sustainable is a recovery and recycling social enterprise founded with the mission to reduce waste and increase the reusability of waste materials through recycling.

Our mission is to mitigate the effect of waste on the planet through the collection and recycling of reusable materials. We are committed to solving the problem of pollution (waste management) using technology and non-technology approaches.

To become Africa’s leading waste management company before 2050. We envision an environment where value is created from wastes rather than burning or allowing them to end up in landfills and contributing to the menace caused by greenhouse gas (GHG).

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